The Six Pack Series

Six friends. Ten Years. Twelve stories.
One novella released at the beginning of each month of 2022!


Book 1

The Six Pack

When sisters Maggie and Kiera McBride bring their friends together for a night of fun, they have no idea what it will lead to. Neither of them expected this crazy group to become like family.Throughout the next year, follow this group of friends as they navigate ten years of life and love together.


Book 4

Capturing Happiness

It didn’t matter how much she tried to convince everyone else otherwise - Maggie McBride wasn’t happy. Her job wasn’t fulfilling, she had no time to herself, and her passions were seriously lacking.

At a wedding, she meets the woman who will change all of that. Stacey Cahill is a free spirit. She believes a life without passion isn’t a life worth living. That’s why she lives every day to the fullest with her two boys.

Can Stacey convince Maggie to follow her dreams (and her heart) or will Maggie’s need to succeed tear them apart?


Book 2

Forbidden Formula

Hannah Kilpatrick wasn't looking for more than a one night stand, but she can't seem to shake the one from New Year's Eve. Ever since she left Cecelia Webster's bed, she regretted not getting her number. She knew it could never work anyway since she lied about her age to get into her bed, but she still couldn't help but wonder about her. When she walks into her college math class, she doesn't have to wonder anymore because her professor is none other than Cecelia.

Cecelia Webster wanted on fun night before she started her dream job. What she never expected was for one of her students to be the person who provided that fun night. She knows it can't go anywhere since Hannah is her student, but what is she supposed to do when she learns Hannah is so much more than a good time?


Book 3

Opposite Tracks

Amelia Serrano hated dirt, so when her friends suggested going to a carnival, it was the last thing she wanted to do. Little did she know she would meet Mackenzie Kaufman there - her opposite in so many ways. Mackenzie was a small-town mechanic whose first love was her sprint car that she raced on dirt tracks on the weekends.

What could these two possibly have in common? Not much, aside from a mutual attraction and the desire to be around each other constantly. Is this romance a winner or are they destined to crash and burn?