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Lesbian romance writer, Laurel Lake (Kinsley Harper-Scott), knows there is no such thing as a happily ever after in real life. She expected there would always be ups and downs, but what she didn't expect was for marriage to be THIS hard.

In this heart-wrenching sequel to the best selling lesbian romance, Sunsets and Shades, Kinsley and Grace Harper-Scott are met with a whole new set of challenges as they embark on the journey to parenthood. Grace can't figure out why Kinsley won't take the process seriously, while Kinsley wonders if her wife will ever be happy again.

Life isn't easy as attempt after attempt fails, but their love can survive anything, right?


Skylar Davis and Kennedy Moore thought they found their happily ever after when they met in their mid-twenties. Unfortunately, five years into their marriage, happily ever after didn't seem so happy anymore. Reaching the end of her rope, Kennedy asked for a divorce and the two separated.

After six months of being separated, Skylar still hasn't told her family about the impending divorce. When the time comes for the annual family beach vacation, what choice does she have but to ask Kennedy to come along and pretend they are still together? Telling the truth isn't an option since it will only make her already-strained relationship with her family even harder.

Two weeks pretending to be madly in love. How hard could it be? It turns out the hard part might not be faking it. The hard part is not getting their hearts broken all over again when the two weeks comes to an end.


Kari Adelberg is happy. She has her friends, family, and a dog. What else could she need? At least that’s what she keeps telling herself, unwilling to think about what she lost until it ends up next door to her.

Kacey Caldwell was the one that got away. They were college sweethearts and had plans for the future until Kacey ripped those plans apart with no explanation. Now she and her young daughter own the house next door to Kari’s, and Kari is not sure how to act.

Should she keep herself closed off like she has the past ten years or open up her heart at the risk of being hurt all over again? Kari has so many questions that only Kacey has the answers to, but she’s not sure if she’s ready to get them, afraid of the pain and heartbreak that could come along with it. She has to decide the answer to the age-old question: is love worth the risk?

It's been a year and a half since Charlie Miller and Reagan Cooper got together at the Miller Family Reunion, ruffling more than a few feathers along the way. Now, for the first time, Reagan is returning to the Miller house not as Jamie Miller's fake girlfriend, but as Charlie's very real girlfriend.

It's Christmas and the whole Miller extended family has plans to spend the holiday together. Reagan is ready to propose to Charlie and has decided there's no better place to do it than where they first met.

What could possibly go wrong?

Three lives. One truth.

Carly Foster has spent her twenties dating one mistake after another. When she meets Diana Cox, she thinks she finally chose a good one. Little does Carly know, Diana is hiding a big secret. When Diana admits to what she has been hiding, it’s Carly’s turn to decide whether the possibility of Diana being the one is enough to risk making another mistake.

Samantha Phillips is Carly’s best friend, and she has a secret of her own. For years, she has been in love with someone she shouldn’t be. Now she is trying to throw herself back into the dating world and struggling with losing her best friend to a woman who doesn’t seem to deserve her.

Hailey Smith should have it all. She’s married to her high school sweetheart and together they have a sweet little girl. Unfortunately, things aren’t always as perfect as they seem, and Hailey worries her wife may be cheating on her.

These three are about to find out that their lives are connected in ways they would have never imagined. All three have their own story and their own perspective of the life they are living. Every person they meet also does. That leaves one very important question - what is the truth?

Reagan Cooper has been an out and proud lesbian since high school, but can't say no when her gay best friend, Jamie Miller, asks her to pretend to be his girlfriend for his family reunion. Jamie has been there for her through everything. Plus, she's interested in learning more about the family he never speaks of.

Living in California for eight years, Charlie Miller has been able to live authentically, but being back in her small Maryland hometown with her conservative family means going back into the closet. What she didn't expect was to be so attracted to her brother's girlfriend.


Kinsley Scott is a lesbian romance author who doesn’t actually believe in love. While her alter ego, Laurel Lake, loves happy endings and epic love stories, Kinsley has a more cynical view of the world. 

Grace Harper is a hopeless romantic hanging on every word of the lesbian romance novels she reads. She believes her happy ending is right around the corner if she can just move on from the ex who cheated on her. When Grace's childhood best friend, Leah, suggests that she comes to Philly to get space from her ex, it seems like the perfect opportunity to start over, especially since Leah's roommate is none other than Laurel Lake - Grace's favorite romance author. 

Grace quickly learns that people aren't always how they appear online and is disappointed to find that Kinsley Scott is nothing like Laurel Lake. She's rude and vulgar and, unfortunately, irresistibly sexy. There is also much more to her than meets the eye, and as the two grow closer, her tough exterior is quickly stripped away, revealing much more than Grace ever bargained for.


Christmas is supposed to be the happiest time of the year, right? That's what Taylor Bradley thought before her fiance broke up with her just weeks before their winter wedding. Without anywhere else to go, Taylor is forced to leave New York and return to her small Pennsylvania hometown - the town that she had worked so hard to escape. As if the memories of her mother's death and her strained relationship with her father weren't enough to make her dread this homecoming, she was also going to have to confront the girl she left behind seven years before. 

Alexis Wright planned on following Taylor Bradley anywhere. That was until a death in her family turned her life upside down and she decided to stay behind in her small town while Taylor left for the big city. 

Reuniting for the first time in seven years has both girls questioning decisions that they made in the past and worrying about what the future might hold. Is a holiday romance enough to fill a void from the past or will they be left even more heartbroken than before?

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Joey McGolden didn't believe in anything. She didn't believe in love, she didn't believe in other people, and she certainly didn't believe in God. Most of her life had been spent being rejected by those closest to her all because of her sexuality, so Joey was convinced she could never believe again. That was until a fateful mishap of her college track team led her right to Faith Hopkins.

Faith was everything Joey was not - positive, outgoing, and worst of all, a Christian. As the two grow closer, Joey begins to realize that maybe she could believe again. 

But will she ever be able to fully let go of the past so she can accept both God and Faith into her heart or are the demons from her past too much to overcome?


Rory Montgomery thought she had her whole life figured out. While she loved weddings and everything involved in them, she knew marriage wasn’t the path for her. She was happy casually dating. At least that’s what she thought until she met the beautiful, flirtatious Jenny Hanson at a wedding and her whole world was turned upside down. 

Jenny didn’t have any plans of getting married either. It was the perfect formula for a lasting friendship, except for the fact that the two girls were highly attracted to each other and lived at opposite ends of the country. 

As the two girls navigate through this friendship filled with plane rides, weddings, and lots of flirting, Rory begins to question if the life she always planned on is really what she wants.

Adrienne Rosen and Layla Harvey were looking for a fresh start. While Layla's fresh start took her out to a high paced life in LA, Adrienne ended up in the small hometown that Layla had left behind. 

After 10 years away from her hometown, Layla is coming home for Christmas, much to the dismay of Adrienne who has worked for and lived with Layla's nana the past 6 years.

The girls know that they need to learn to put aside their differences and get along as nana Harvey insists that they spend all their time together. What they didn't bargain for was the feelings that they would develop. 

Is the magic of Christmas enough to let go of their pasts and move into a future together?

Rebecca and Cassie were childhood best friends until their lives took different directions. By the time they reached high school, Rebecca became interested in soccer and running with the preppy crowd, while Cassie was more interested in skipping class and shoplifting. Their lives cross paths again when Rebecca ends up teaching Cassie's little sister. Aside from their sexuality and distaste toward their small town, it seems the two have nothing in common. But as the two begin getting closer, it becomes obvious that there is much more to people than what meets the eye. Is Rebecca willing to possibly risk her career to pursue a relationship with a student's relative? Will Cassie be able to let go of the past to move into the future with Rebecca? Life would be simple if these were the only problems they had to face, but it turns out Rebecca and Cassie have much bigger mountains to climb if they want to reach their happy ending.

Holly has spent her whole life trying to change her sexuality. At age 22, she finds herself asking Santa to help her. Through letters to Santa, Holly shares her experiences in coming out, finding love, and most importantly, learning to love herself.