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And Then I Met You

Have you ever met someone and known from that very first moment that they were going to have a big impact on your life? That’s how it was with Willow Stone. She was that person to me. She will always be that person to me.

And this is her story.

Before you get your hopes up, I need to issue a warning about this story. There’s happiness. And there’s an ending. But there’s not a happy ending. At least, not in the conventional sense.

Anyway, my moment came at freshman orientation when the girl who would eventually become my everything stood up during introductions and proudly announced, “My name is Willow Stone, and I’m going to die on December 27th, 2019.”

A sapphic love story about living and loving to the fullest

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Erica's Story

Erica Lee is new to the writing scene. She wrote her first book "Dear Santa: I'm Gay" in December 2016, which is a fictional story that closely resembles some of the feelings she experienced while coming out. 

She got into writing because she saw the need for more LGBT representation. She has eleven books published at this point - Dear Santa: I'm Gay, Life Begins With You, Holiday Healing, Plus 1, Falling for Faith, Finding home, Sunsets and Shades, Anyone But Her, The Truth, A Very Miller Christmas, Twice Upon a Time, Every Slow Song, and Strollers and Swings.


She works as an optometrist by day and writer by night. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her friends, family, dog, bunny, and chinchilla. She married the love of her life on May 27, 2018.